There is a crucial moment in many New Jersey divorces when the two spouses reach a decision point. When they are at odds with each other, they can choose to keep trying to settle or can head to court. Before opting for a divorce trial, each spouse needs to understand all the costs of a court hearing.

Obviously, a divorce trial costs money. Not only must the attorney argue the case in court, but they must spend hours in discovery and preparing for the case. This brings the financial costs to thousands of dollars for each trial. Not only is a divorce case expensive, but it will also likely be stressful. A contested divorce means high emotions, and going into court often induces anxiety. A trial will also make it more difficult for someone to move on with their life as they will spend many months obsessing over the legal battle.

There is a reason why an overwhelming percentage of divorces settle before they ever reach a trial. Most people dread the thought of court, but a divorce trial is sometimes unavoidable because one spouse is acting unreasonably. However, a divorce trial should not be the first option for any divorcing couple due to the prohibitive costs involved. An attorney may advise their client to exhaust all efforts to reach a settlement.

Hiring a family law lawyer may help increase the chance that a divorcing couple can settle their dispute. The lawyer may keep their client grounded by giving them a reasonable assessment of what would happen if the case went to trial. If the two parties are at an impasse, the attorney may give their client some creative ideas on how to break the negotiating impasse so that the two parties can avoid a divorce trial.