Divorce in New Jersey can be a stressful process, especially if the two spouses are engaged in a court battle over the terms. This can wear a person down physically and emotionally if they are not careful to take care of themselves. An individual should focus every bit as much on making it through the divorce intact psychologically as they do on the legal matters.

The key to emotional survival is self-care. This starts with finding several people to share emotions with and from whom to receive advice. Having multiple sounding boards and being able to talk things out with people who are committed to listening can be crucial to helping someone get outside of their own head. Otherwise, they could be tempted to go to their children for help or spend time blaming themselves for the divorce. Both of these are mistakes that can make a bad divorce worse.

A divorcing individual should also focus on staying busy and active. Getting out of the house and doing physical activity can keep the mind occupied. Hobbies are a way of staying healthy whether they are old hobbies or new ones taken up with an eye toward a fresh start in life. Also, it is best to keep paying attention to appearance and resist the urge to let go out of depression or a lack of effort.

Hiring a divorce attorney may also be a vital step to take as a means of preserving sanity during a divorce. One of the biggest stress points in divorce is the day-to-day legal issues that must be dealt with as they arise. Enlisting some help in this area may help a person have leftover mental energy for figuring out how to handle things emotionally. Moreover, having legal assistance also helps reduce some of the stress levels that come with being overwhelmed during the divorce process.