In the past, New Jersey couples may have hesitated when it came to considering a prenuptial agreement. Whether it was because they did not want to talk about money with their partner or because they thought it could not help them, they were missing valuable opportunities to protect themselves before they got married. Now, more people are beginning to see the value of prenuptial agreements.

Prenuptial agreements once had a reputation as something that only helped the rich. However, a person does not need many assets in order to make a prenuptial agreement worth it. Certainly, these documents are indispensable if someone has assets from before the marriage, but they could also assist those who are building a business after the marriage. The agreement will decide in advance how assets will be divided in the event of a divorce. It does not mean that the couple will be getting divorced; it is there to offer protection in a worst-case scenario.

Many millennials are now opting for prenuptial agreements. Many of them grew up watching their parents go through litigious divorces and want to avoid that for themselves. Moreover, they are waiting until later in life to get married. As a result, they are more established financially and have more to lose in a divorce. They are changing the way that prenuptial agreements are viewed in society.

In order to draft and negotiate prenuptial agreements, couples may consult family law attorneys. The key to prenuptial agreements is that they are drafted in a way that would enable them to withstand scrutiny in the event that they are challenged in court. They need to avoid being unbalanced or one-sided. An attorney may provide their client with advice on how to negotiate an effective agreement that is legally enforceable in the event of a divorce.