When a New Jersey couple gets divorced, it signifies the end of their romantic relationship together. However, if a couple has children, they will still need to work together to ensure that their needs are met. Ideally, parents will take steps to ensure that their children feel safe and loved during and after the divorce process. In some cases, this may be accomplished by obtaining sole custody of a son or daughter.

It is important to note that noncustodial parents will likely receive visitation rights, and they may also be allowed to contact a child by phone, email or other means. Individuals are encouraged to refrain from saying anything negative about the other parent in front of a son or daughter. Doing so may cause a young person to feel as if he or she needs to choose one parent to support over the other.

Parents will need to talk to their children regularly to see how they are coping with their change in circumstances. However, it is important not to fish for information about the other parent when having these conversations. Individuals are also encouraged to take time to preserve or strengthen their own physical and mental health. Adults who are able to remain physically and mentally strong may be better suited to help their children deal with their own issues.

A family law professional may be able to help those who have questions about obtaining custody or other rights to their children. An attorney may also be able to help a parent obtain a protective order against the child’s mother or father if there is reason to believe that a child is in danger. Individuals who have questions about obtaining child support or receiving what they are owed may benefit from hiring legal counsel.