When a New Jersey couple has reached the end of a marriage, there are many issues to consider. Among the most complex is child custody. In family law – child custody situations, an understated but still important issue that must be dealt with is the scheduling of a hearing.

Given its importance, if one or both parents needs to have the hearing rescheduled or held in a different way, knowing the alternatives is key. Appearing in person might not be needed. Given the advanced technology available, appearing by video or phone could be possible. Since hearings are shorter than a trial, this might be an agreeable accommodation. Another flexible aspect of a case is the date of the hearing. This could be postponed until a more convenient time.

The location of the hearing may be problematic. If, for example, a parent has moved to a different city or state, it may be difficult to attend. The forum could be changed. This is perceived as unlikely as the court will often prefer the hearing be held in the same location as the child’s residence. When requesting a schedule change for a custody hearing, the court will factor in the reasons for the request, require documentation to prove it is valid, or need to see an order of protection if safety is a concern. Parents can waive their appearance after which the judge can make a default order or ask that the parent appear via video or phone.

A child custody case can be emotional and challenging. Worrying about relatively minor issues like the date of the hearing can make it worse. For legal assistance with this or any other aspect of family law – child custody, consulting with an experienced law firm may provide valuable advice and help.