There are times that a divorce in New Jersey must go all the way to trial in order to reach resolution. Given the costs that are involved, this should not be the preferred resolution. However, it may be unavoidable in certain circumstances.

There is no way around the fact that a divorce trial can be expensive. There is almost no such thing as an inexpensive trial as lawyers’ fees and court costs can add up quickly. The more complicated the matter, the higher the cost. However, one may find a trial go be the right course of action if an individual can gain more than they must spend.

Money is not the only issue to think about when deciding whether a trial is necessary. There are also other impacts to consider, including the strain on the relationship. If spouses have children together, they will need to stay on speaking terms, and a trial will leave both parties with raw emotions that may not recede.

There are times when a trial may be the best option notwithstanding the costs. If one spouse is maintaining a completely unreasonable posture, then court may be a necessity for a judge to rule on the disputed issues. That may be the only way to get an equitable solution.

A family law attorney may be able to counsel their client if they are at an impasse in their divorce and need to find a way to resolve the case. The attorney might be able to suggest ways to settle the case if the parties are still at odds. If a trial is a necessity, the attorney may represent their client in front of the judge and present their case to the court. Parties to a divorce often need the help of counsel to settle the matter.