In New Jersey, the tone of a divorce is often set by how the soon-to-be ex-spouses treat each other while the action is pending. It is vital to make sure to treat the other spouse with respect during this time because disrespect will raise the tensions and increase the possibility of a contested divorce.

There are numerous ways to keep the divorce from degenerating into hostility. The first thing to do is to treat the other spouse with respect regardless of the circumstances of the divorce. If there are children, parents should make sure to communicate openly about them and to be transparent. They should try to accommodate schedule changes with the minimum of fanfare because the gesture goes a long way. Also, as far as the children are concerned, it’s recommended keep the details of the divorce away from them.

When it comes to battles, individuals choose them carefully. For the divorce agreement, it’s important to keep things in perspective when deciding what is worth the fight. Some things are simply not worth the cost, both financial and otherwise. At the same time, hiding assets is one of the worst things that a spouse can do in a divorce. People should avoid this because it will not only enrage the other spouse, but it will likely infuriate the judge who can penalize the side hiding assets harshly.

People often have a natural inclination to want to fight in a divorce. A family law attorney may be helpful in giving their client some realistic advice to talk them down from the proverbial ledge when they are raising tensions in the divorce. An amicable divorce is often the best outcome, and an attorney might facilitate this by focusing their client on what is important and giving them advice on how to deal with the other spouse in a respectful manner.