Defend Against Speeding Tickets And Traffic Violations

AVOID fines and fees, insurance increases, and possible suspension of your drivers' license. If you've been pulled over for speeding, if you've have 1, 5, or 10 moving violations, if you received a traffic ticket for any traffic violation in New Jersey, you can fight it. We can help.

Contact the Englewood law offices of Hartstein & Hartstein. For more than 30 years our New Jersey defense attorneys have been helping people protect their driving record and their drivers' license in New Jersey Municipal Court. We fight traffic tickets, including:

  • Driving without insurance
  • Failure to yield to an emergency vehicle
  • Exceeding the speed limit in a school zone
  • Improper passing, improper lane change

Why Fight that Traffic Ticket?

Every traffic ticket adds points to your driving record, especially moving violations. Those points can add up to big trouble, possibly even the loss of your driver's license. Of course, every traffic ticket also carries a fine. If you don't deal with it promptly, you'll be paying fees and facing a bench warrant for your arrest!

30 Years Defense Experience

At Hartstein & Hartstein, we take traffic violations seriously. Our clients depend upon their cars for work, school, and daily activities. They don't want to risk a suspended or revoked license because of a traffic offense. And they don't want an arrest warrant hanging over their heads.

Don't put off dealing with your traffic violation. Contact our Bergen County law office to take charge of your traffic ticket. We understand New Jersey motor vehicle laws and can help you with defense and with getting your driver's license reinstated after a suspension.

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