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The difficulty in any separation or divorce is managing both the emotional and the tangible investments in a relationship. To make the process easier, an uncontested divorce could be a streamlined and cost-effective option for some couples. At Hartstein & Hartstein, located in Bergen County, our uncontested divorce attorneys help New Jersey and New York couples reach the best possible resolutions to difficult circumstances. We will take the time to review all of the property, assets and complexities of your relationship and then help you choose the best course of action.

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Uncontested divorces are available to those who have no disagreements about the important aspects of their divorce. Like other divorce processes, usually one person files for an uncontested divorce. The uncontested divorce is usually granted if the other person agrees to the divorce or does not make an appearance in court. It is important to understand that one disagreement between the spouses could disqualify them from an uncontested divorce proceeding.

Couples with children, property, assets and other complicating factors may want to consider a more comprehensive divorce proceeding. The guidance of an attorney could help ensure that the complicated decisions are thoroughly managed.

Our attorneys consider all of the details and avoid unnecessary complications during an amicable divorce. After 30 years of practice, David and Samuel Hartstein have become known as "plain language" attorneys who work closely with clients to reach their goals. Even when spouses agree on the major components of a divorce, it is still important to have legal counsel to help sort out the disagreements that often arise.

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