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Legally, unwed parents have the right to pursue custody, support and visitation of their biological child. Every parent has a unique need, and for the past 30 years, we at Hartstein & Hartstein have been helping parents protect and pursue their rights in New Jersey and New York. Regardless of your situation, our Bergen County parental rights attorneys can advocate for you.

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When it's unclear, paternity must first be confirmed before other matters are considered. Parents can confirm paternity by signing a legal document, but if paternity is challenged, a legal process that incorporates DNA testing is enacted.

Once the paternity is established, whether it's through a court order or the agreement, a parenting plan (or parenting agreement) is created. Through negotiations, parents determine a range of details, such as child custody and support, spousal support, visitation rights and legal custody.

When there is a dispute — a mother seeks child support payments from the father, or the father wants further access to the child, for example — court petitions or enforcement actions can help a parent pursue those rights.

Parental rights are provided under the law, but they often require defending. Preparing a secure defense requires a lawyer's abilities and experience, including knowledge of detailed laws, an ability to consider multiple perspectives, thorough understanding of particular procedures and the foresight to predict possible changes the parents or child may face, such as relocation.

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